Mountain Huts

Unlike most huts in North Amerika, all the huts listed below are fully catered and have nice beds and/or dorms with blankets for a reasonable price. All you need to bring is a light weight hut sleeping bag, which is usually made out of silk and weighs only a few ounces. If you are a member of an alpine club in your country, don’t forget to bring your member ship card. You will receive a good discount with it.

Erzherzog Johann Hut 3454 m

aka the Adlersruhe (Eagle’s rest) is the highest hut in Austria and the entire eastern Alps. One can only reach this hut over glaciers and some easier rock climbing, and is therefore already a mountaineering objective on it’s own. The views at this location, especially at sunrise and sunset are very memorable and should not be missed. This hut is the ideal place to stay for the final push to the summit of the Grossglockner. Due to the high elevation surrounded by glacier ice, there is no running water at the hut. Make sure you get acclimatized before you spend the night there, otherwise you increase the chance of altitude sickness.

Stuedl Hut 2802 m

This iconic Hut is the starting point for an ascent of the Grossglockner, the Stuedl Ridge, Glocknerwand and many more summits, and is also well suited for glacier courses. They are famous for their great and plentiful food. Sleeping is only available in mountaineer dorms. Historically, this was the first hut build in the eastern alps, but no worries, it has been rebuilt to modern standards. An easy and scenic hiking trail leads all the way to the front door.


Luckner Hut 2241 m

The Luckner Hut is an ideal hiking destination and also serves as a starting point for an ascent of the Grossglockner, if you are a fit mountaineer. There is space for 40 guests to spend the night in cozy bed rooms rolex replica watch, with hot showers and toilets. They also offer a cheaper mountaineers dorm. The hut is open from the beginning of June to mid October.

Lucknerhaus 1918 m

Although more like a Hotel, the Lucknerhaus has not lost the flair of a mountain hut. It sits on a scenic spot at the end of the Kalser Glocknerstrasse and therefore easily reached by car or bus, even throughout the Winter. It is an ideal hub for many scenic hikes and of course all the surrounding mountains. In the Winter one can do many great skitters right from the doorstep. The hotel has 40 beds in comfortable rooms with showers, and also a dorm that has 16 spots. There is a Sauna and a steam room waiting for you after your mountain adventure. This venue is operating pretty much year around, but close for November and parts of December.

Karlsbaderhütte 2260 m

The Karlsbaderhütte is located directly at the Lazerz Lake, surrounded by the impressive Lienzer Dolomites in East Tyrol. The tenant family, Tembler Rupert (member of the Kalser mountain guide association) and his wife Edith have been running this hotspot for climbers and hikers with love and passion for over 15 years.

Glorer Hut 2642 m

A nice hiking destination above the Luckner Haus, right on the border between the Schober- and Glockner ranges.

Salm Hut 2644 m

This cozy hut sits conveniently at the end of the Leitertal in Carinthia, but is easily accessed from Kals through various different hiking options. The location lends itself for an ascent of the Grossglockner and other surrounding mountains, and is perfectly suited as a hiking destination for multi day hut trips.