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Anfrage Avalanche workshops

It is a big concern to us to improve security aspects on the mountain. Avalanche workshops are a major part of that. Most of our local guides are members of the mountain rescue service.

In action

In action

Our avalanche workshops are suitable and advisable for every ski touring alpinist and off-piste skier. A big advantage of this workshop is that it can take place at any weather situation. Please take the statement “safety first” to your heart – it is always worth the time and money!

Avalanche Workshop

Avalanche Workshop

One of the major focuses of the workshop is the emergency rescue in case of an avalanche burial. This includes:

  • Proper handling of the avalanche beacon
  • Partner rescue
  • Probing
  • First aid and emergency call, etc.

To be well prepared in case of emergency frequent training is important !

1 – 6 persons

Dates are possible any time. We also organize glacier avalanche workshops all year round. Please contact our office for further information.

from € 50,- per Person (for 6 persons)


Infotelefon: 0043.(0)664.4161289