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Ascending Grossglockner

Outline of the different ascents

1 Normal route
2 Normal route via Mürztalersteig
3 Route via Mürztalersteig
4 Stüdlgrat (ridge)

5a Northwestgrat (ridge)
5b Northwestgrat (ridge)

6 Glocknerwand (traverse)

With an altitude of 3.798m the Grossglockner is not just the highest mountain in Austria, but also one of the highest summits in the Eastern Alps.

The Grossglockner is the local mountain of the small village Kals and has always been inseparably connected to the Kalser mountain guide association.

Since the first ascent in 1800 the mountain guides from Kals are specialists in climbing Grossglockner. The fascination of the mountain comes not only from his astonishing altitude but also from his impressive charisma, which attracts people from all over the world.

Every enthusiastic alpinist should once in his life be standing on Austria´s top roof next to the famous Grossglockner cross and enjoy the incredibly view. You will be more than impressed!

As a memory of the ascent you will receive a certificate with the signature of your mountain guide.